Any Guarantee on How Long Juviderm Lasts?

Any Guarantee on How Long Juviderm Lasts?

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No guarantees are available on any cosmetic treatments

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There is no way a doctor can "guarantee" you anything about the results you will get from injectables or any other surgery or aesthetic treatment for that matter.  All we can guarantee is that we will make our very best effort to give you a nice result.

Results never guaranteed

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In medicine, there is never a guarantee of anything. This is because each person reacts to treatment differently. As a result, estimates are given. For Juvederm Ultra, it's usually 6-9 months for results to last. Voluma can last one year or more.

No guarantee

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Only a general time frame can be given for your results, rather than a guarantee. This is because each patient is different and responds to the treatment differently. Placement can also determine longevity. For example, filler in the lips may not last as long as what's placed under the eyes.

Generally speaking, doctors cannot give any guarantee on the results of a medical treatment.

No guarantee on any product

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Juvederm and all of the dermal fillers have claims made by the company about how long they will last. Usually this is based on study data and used in the FDA approval process. It often doesn't have much to do with reality.

Juvederm comes as Ultra and Ultra Plus. The company claims the Ultra lasts about 9 months and the Ultra Plus about a year. In my experience I think the Ultra lasts 6-8 months and the Ultra Plus 8-10 months.

No Guarantee.

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Generally, Juvederm lasts a month or two longer than Restylane, but there is no guarantee. In fact one of the first things we are told when we learn how to treat disease in medical school is never guarantee or promise anything, not even death (especially that) or taxes.

Allergan, the maker of Juvderm says 9-12 months, but I think the latter figure is a bit optimistic.

There are a number of variables. Some people break down hyaluronic acid at a more rapid rate than others. The location where the filler was injected is important. For instance, if the filler is placed in an area under frequent (or in the case of my wife constant) movement such as the lips the Juvederm will last not nearly as long as say a scar on the cheek. Finally, the technique of the physician may come into play. If the Juvederm was placed too deeply, there is less available and the effective time period will shorten.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

Individuals will have different repsonses

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Juvederm is a very safe, effective and long lasting dermal filler in most people. The results are smooth and natural-looking, especially when done by experienced injectors. I see results typically last 6 months exactly as injected, and residual partial correction lasts 6-12 months longer, making some correction evident for a year or more. Of course, sun exposure, smoking, stress, and other factors can cause some people's results to be more short lived. There is no way to guarantee the duration of your results.

Mary P. Lupo, MD
New Orleans Dermatologist
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No guarantee

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Unfortunately there are no guarantees in medicine - and Juvederm is a medication. Results are variable between patients and even among various places in the face.

D.J. Verret, MD
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

Juvederm duration

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Although Juvederm is marketed by Allergan to last 9 months, the duration is highly variable from person to person and largely dependent on injection site, for example, it lasts longer in areas of less movement (cheeks, nasolabial folds) and shorter in the lips (about 3-4 months is typical). The hyaluronic acid fillers also tend to last longer (up to 18 months) with subsequent injections before the material fully resolves. I do not know of any colleague of mine who would make such a guarantee.

Hope this helps.

Bryan K. Chen, MD
San Diego Dermatologist

No guarantees

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There are no guarantees on ANYTHING in medicine. This a concept that the general public doesn't understand and that misfortune will be the downfall of medicine as we know it in this country. Everyone wants a guarantee on their treatments and results, expecting to be cured of every illness, even aging (not an illness, per se). We can only provide a range of Juvederm duration and even that is not a guarantee.

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