Is There an Alternative to Correcting an "Open Bite" with Braces? (photo)

I have an "open bite" of my front teeth which causes uncomfortable pressure and strain on my lips. I tried invisalign hoping this would bring the teeth together and relieve that pressure, but it actually seems to have made that sensation worse. Im wondering if there's any possibility to just have my front teeth removed alltogether and have false teeth placed in a more ideal position that wouldn't irritate my lips so much. I'd like to avoid braces completely if possible.Thanks for your help!

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There are Solutions to Your Problem!

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A good source for evaluating your overall occlusal conditions that go beyond average orthodontics, is a prosthodontist.  Jaw surgery is recommended when there are disparities in jaw sizing relationships.  It seems to me, from the information you provided, the invisalign was placed in an incompatible position for the lips and the tongue, resulting in a relapse of the open bite. This is often a bony jaw misalignment and often is corrected with a simple surgical procedure. DO NOT have your front teeth extracted.  This is not the solution you are looking for.  Please take the time to find a prosthodontist in your area and ask for a complimentary consultation before having any dental work or ortho work done! 

Valencia Dentist

Don't Extract.

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There is alternative to braces that can close the bite and spaces called a positioner.  It is quite involved and takes a lot of dedication to work but much better than removing healthy teeth

Kenneth Cohen-Sasson, DMD
Coral Springs Orthodontist

Get many consultations

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I would STRONGLY advise against extracting the front four teeth.  You will trade one problem for another here, so it is best to look at alternatives.


I think braces are your likely best option.

Alternative to braces for open bite

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I STRONGLY advise you AGAINST extracting healthy teeth. Speak to a few orthodontists to evaluate your other options using braces.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Open Bite

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i think it is imperative you reconsider orthondontics.  Lingual braces that go on the back sides of your teeth are a good option.  Check out from 3M.  They are a well developed system.  Extracting healthy teeth is a bad idea.  Quick fixes can often cause more problems.  DO things right and you will be clad you did.

Lawrence D Singer DMD

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