Is There an Alternative to Accutane?

Going on accutane seems so drastic. I stopped back at my doc for cysts that got larger after getting injected and am on antibiotics. He suggested that a course of accutane might be something to think about. I asked about alternatives and he said there really aren't any. Accutane scares me. What do you think?

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For many patients there really is no alternative to Accutane

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I have been prescribing Accutane for nearly 30 years. I've taken it myself, I've prescribed it for most of my family members. I have never, in all my years and my tens of thousands of patients had any of the extreme side effects that people and the media mention. Not one. I have had patients get higher triglycerides, but those go back to normal within a few weeks of being off the medication. Dry skin, nose bleeds, and dry lips are also very common. Other than that, I don't have any concerns about putting patients on Accutane. It's fast, it works, and there isn't a good alternative. Antibiotics, creams, topicals, are all fine and nice, but they are not enough for people with cystic acne, period. Low controlled dosages of Accutane for a specific amount of time are just fine.

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