As a Therapist That Does IPL on Clients, Will It Harm or Cause Damage to my Eyes?

I am a therapist that does IPL treatments, and i treat about 20 clietns per day maybe more, i have a pair of googles that i wear but they are lighter than the ones we give to the clients, and every day after work i go home with really bad headaches. will the IPL cause damage to my eyes as i do IPL about 9 hours a day! Also will the radiation from the machine cause skin cancer or any sort of cancer? please get back to me that would be great!

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IPL goggles

As long as you are wearing the correct goggles for the wavelengths you are using the ipl for and the optical density is sufficient (OD 6 in the UK) then there should not be a problem. This should be stated on the goggles themselves.

Glasgow Plastic Surgeon
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IPL and goggles

Not all goggles are the same.  Check on the sides of the goggles to see which wavelengths they protect against.  There are specific goggles to be worn for IPL as well as goggles that have a shutter that closes automatically with each pulse.  Contact the manufacturer of your IPL device or Oculoplastique in Montreal.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
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IPL damage to eyes

The goggles for technicians are very specific. Are you using the right ones? Not all goggles work with any machine, and the goggles that come with each machine are set to the frequencies, wavelengths, and colors and lights for that specific unit. Make sure you check your goggles and contact the manufacturer of your specific IPL machine. They are NOT interchangeable!

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist
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