Can the Zygomatic Orbit Next to the Nose Be Reduced?

My zygomatic orbits (next to the nose) are wide and protrude forward, crowding my eyes. I have slight hypertelorism. However; I don't feel that surgery to bring the eyes closer together is not warranted. Can this area be surgically shaved, burred, reduced or even reconstructed? I am aware that the surgery will be invasive, extensive and costly.

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Eyes and nose

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Hi there You clearly appreciate that you're asking a complex question. It's just impossible to give you a sensible answer without clear pictures from several views. If your question is: are there lesser procedures than a complete hypertelorism correction to improve the appearance of the upper nose and eyes if the hypertelorism is minor? Then the answer is yes. The best advice i can give you is to go for a consultation with an experienced adult cranio facial surgeon in your area. A consultation is not expensive and is the only way for you to explore your options. Good luck.

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