The Xray Says "Lateral Density/fracture is Noted at the Tip of the Nasal Bone"?

It has been two days since the trauma. There is no pain But breathing on one nostril is quite difficult. Can it be treated without surgery? Before i go to the doctor i want to have some idea on what i would probably hear from the doctor.

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Xrays and nasal fractures

Xrays are used to see if there are other injuries, otherwise nasal xrays help very little in diagnosis and treatment of nasal injuries. The most important part is the physician exam. After nasal fracture there is a limited window before the bones heal in place and treatment becomes much more difficult. See your surgeon as soon as you can if there are noticeable deformities or difficulty breathing.

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X-Rays of Nasal Fractures

X-rays are only a very small part of evaluating and treating nasal fractures. Recommendations are made on the basis of the physical examination. See a physician to determine what if anything should be done to treat your nasal trauma.

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Nasal fractures and x-rays

Usually, a clinical exam is the most reliable way to properly evaluate the nose after potential fracture.  X-rays can add some info, but the exam is more important.

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The Xray Says "Lateral Density/fracture is Noted at the Tip of the Nasal Bone"?

I have found imaging studies to be of little use in assessing nasal fractures. Your facial plastic surgeon will be able to look at and feel your nose to get an idea of whether you suffered a nasal fracture and what is needed to repair it. Within two weeks the nasal bones can be straightened without surgery. Beyond that point, most people will require a rhinoplasty to cut and re-set the nasal bones in the middle. From the description you've provided it does not sound like you have a severe fracture. Your breathing problem is either a result of swelling which will improve with time or fracture of the bone or cartilage which will require some intervention. I hope this information is helpful.

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