What Could Be the Worst Results from a Brazilian Buttock Augmentation?

infection in thighs. Im 18 years old and most of my fat goes to my thighs and my butt, my butt is round but it barely sticks out from the side. I Was just wondering what the risks would be if I got this surgery. I'm 5' and weigh 115 and my measurements are 36-25-37. How much pounds do I neeed to gain for the surgery?

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With 10 pounds in excess you would be a candidate for BBL/ con no mas de 12 lbs en exceso ud. seria una buena candidata para BBL

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at least 10 to 12 lbs on excess would it more than enough for a BBL

con no mas de 12 lbs en exceso  seria una buena medida para BBL

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Complications from Brazilian buttock lift

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Patients can experience infection or abscess formation of fat cells that do not survive; this is perhaps the worst complication from the procedure.It is very rare and may require additional surgery to treat it. The worst medical complication from the surgery is a blood clot (deep vein thrombosis) which could form in the lower extremities and lead to a pulmonary embolus. This is also quite rare, 1-2%.


I recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon for an in person evaluation and more detailed information.


With regard to your specific case, I would recommend gaining perhaps 10 pounds before surgery in order to have a better cosmetic outcome. Again, this is something your plastic surgeon can give you more information about during your consultation.


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