What Are the Possible Ways of Treatment of Yellow Stains Due to Fluorosis? (photo)

I have yellow stains on my teeth due to flurosis and doctor has advised me for porcelain veneer as treatment.I want to know that is there any other way of treatment and what are the adverse effects of veneers.Also I have read somewhere that these medicines Calcarea Flourica 6X and Calcarea Phos 6X can remove stains.Please suggest me something. Thanks

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Try A Easy Whitening System to Get out the Brown Stain!

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Before you spend a lot of money, look into whitening your teeth.  You have many options from over the counter Crest Whitening Strips to take home whitening trays and to more elaborate whitening like  Kor Deep Bleaching.  Veneers are a possibility but first try whitening!!

Bellevue Dentist

The best remedy for your stain to be gone is with veneers

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The best remedy for you  is  veneers .I usually do not beat around the bush. Do you have bleaching option ? Yes.  Is it as efficient, long term and great in result? Most probably NOT. 

I do not know why we are so terrified of removing the slightest layer of enamel, but we do not care as much about permanently sensitizing the teeth with over bleaching.

If it were my teeth, and I had the financial means, I would place veneers on them and be happy for many years to come. NO  repeat in bleaching, no relapse in color, no sensitivity, and obviously in your case minimal reduction of enamel for veneers. 

I am certainly not addressing you, but we do not think badly about breast reduction, Rhinoplasty ( nose job) , liposuction, and never think about reducing or removing healthy tissue, but remove enamel? GOD forbid.

So , dear patient . Thank you for sharing your question, and if you have the finances, get veneers. in the long run, over the years , you'll end up paying more .My opinion ofcourse and not every one may agree.

Good luck to you..



Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

Whitening teeth with fluorosis spots

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Porcelain veneers is not always a great option for certain cases like fluorosis or hypoplasia. Probably teeth whitening with increasing concentration will be a more viable option. Usually the bleaching process starts with low concentration in order to penetrate in deeper layers of enamel and dentin. After that the concentration of bleaching gel can be increased under dentist`s supervision. A consult with cosmetic dentist or a specialist who is usually involved in extensive cases, will tremendously help you.

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How to handle dark teeth from flurosis

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Veneers would certainly solve the problem but you could also try a procedure called KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching which may be able to take out some of those stains.  You can check out the procedure at deepbleaching.com.  You can see if your dentist provides this service.  Hope this helps

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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