What are the ways you can mess up your Strattice? Do's and donts with strattice? Did my doctor go to rough 1 week post op?

I had revision one week ago he did great, but my left was a little lower and softer. My right was higher up and had pain and felt hard. He had removed drains but decided today to put 1 back in right just in case. He squeezed the heck out of boobs to do shots n put drain was very rough then squeezed very very rough whole time I worried about strattice. The drain was not the problem it hasn't drained anything the band I am wearing evened it out immediately but now I worry what he did it hurts

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Drain placement

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I would assume your surgeon sewed the Strattice in place so placing a drain shouldn't disturb. Usually these products are tacked into place on the inside of the breast with either permanent suture or at least long lasting absorbable suture.

Breast implant revision, Breast Lift

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It is difficult to answer your question.  One of the top priorities when using a product like strattice for breast surgery is to make sure that the strattice can adhere to the breast above it. Fluid here (serous fluid) can interfere with this and so a drain is usually placed.  The drain comes out when the output of the drain is minimal. Different surgeons may have different criteria for this.  However, if a drain was replaced there may be concern about fluid accumulation and non adherence of the strattice to the breast tissue above.
When putting a drain in, ofcourse the concerns are that the implant should not be punctured or harmed, the drain has to be positioned in the correct place and is functional, and make sure that there is no contamination of the breast pocket while introducing the drain.
So, this is something you should discuss with your surgeon.

Good Luck.

Strattice and breasts

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You did not mention why strattice was placed. It is often used for implant malposition issues like bottoming out or lateralization. It may also be used for rippling or capsular contractors.

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