Should I Let the Water Run over my Face when I Am in a Shower After Fraxel Repair?

Currently on Day 2 after the procedure,my face is swelling and have a little burning sensation . I am following the standard aftercare such as putting Vaseline after the vinegar soaks, but the real problem is when i am in the shower ,should i just let the water run over my face and let it wash my face or just using vinegar wash and put Vaseline back on right away? The Vaseline is so hard to wash off, and there are a few whitehead occur......

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Showering afrter Fraxel Re:Pair is beneficial

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Standing in the shower and letting the shower spray directly contact the treated area is beneficial in two ways : it hydrates the treated area and it debrides it.The force of the shower spray helps remove the crusts in a non-traumatic manner and it generally feels good too.Just be careful not to have the water too hot and to keep the spray force gentle. This can be done multiple times per day.

San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon

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