Is the Volume from Radiesse or Sculptra? (Update with More Pics)

This is a follow up to my first question Is the Volume from Radiesse or sculptra. Here are more pics of my face not smiling. They range from the last year and a half. I struggle with ridges on my cheeks due to lack of facial fat. So far the only time I have been able to get rid of these is when I am swollen after my treatments.

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Great Volume enhancement from Sculptra

It is difficult to say which substance injected yielded those results but the combination had a great result for you. If you feel you need more volume enhancement I would suggest you stay with Sculptra and gradually do a little more until you reach the desired response.  Your photos illustrate the progression on enhancement very well.

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Great volume results with sculptra

Your photos show excellent volume enhancement in your face that has occurred gradually and naturally and I think looks lovely. This can happen with both sculptra and Radiesse but I would guess with your features that sculptra was used or at least the predominant filler. Your results should be long lasting but will require some maintenance with periodic repeat injections - maybe yearly.

Elizabeth F. Rostan, MD
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Radiesse and Sculptra

The combo works great. Radiesse for immediate results and Sculptra for slow,gradual and natural looking change. You should continue with Sculptra. Remember, the initial swelling after Sculptra that you see is a good estimate of what you will look like after completing all of your Sculptra treatments. 


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Is the Volume from Radiesse or Sculptra? (Update with More Pics)

So what are you asking???? The posted photos demonstrate an excellent time sequence results. Thanks for posting. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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