Will the Vi Peel Work for Dirty Elbows?

my right elbow has dark patches. The only way it comes off is if i scrub really hard all the way to my third layer of skin, very painful. I'm just looking for some other way to remove the dirt on my elbows. I don't know how i got it.but would like to remove it in a different way other then scrubbing..I have tried many bleaching creams and i have gone to a dermatologist, he tried some burning ointments and creams but nothing seams to work other than the scrubbing..

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Will the Vi Peel Work for Dirty Elbows?

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Believe it or not but yes it will work, this treatment is actually really popular at my office for elbows, knees, acne, acne scarring, and pigmentation. Make sure to take before and after photos to compare the difference, I've seen great results from the vi peel or also you can try a Tca peel. Good luck 

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