Is the "Vi Peel" Chemical Peel Good at Removing Precancerous Cells?

I've read that chemical peels like TCA can remove precancerous cells, but cause some pain and peeling. The "Vi Peel" promotes itself as being mostly pain and side effect free and also claims that it helps remove precancerous cells "like other chemical peels", but they don't cite any source or study. If the "Vi Peel" causes no pain and little peeling, is it really removing enough sun damaged skin to remove as many precancerous cells as a traditional peel? Which should I go with? Thanks!

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VI peel

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Vi peel does not go deep enough to get rid of precancerous lesions.

Only deep TCA, or phenol peel , or croton oil peel  and best is carbon dioxid laser resurfacing can do that.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

VI and TCA Peel

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The Vi Peel is lighter than a TCA peel and is not recommended if your intention is to be removing precancerous cells. A TCA peel would best fit your needs in this situation.

Carlo P. Honrado, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

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