What Are the Varieties of Nasal Implants?

I had rhinoplasty one month ago and my doctor put an implant in my nose without my permission. Now the tip of nose is very up and wider than it's uper bone. I think the implant my doctor have used is not like the picture of implant that i search in net (L type or I type or even dorsum style). When i touch it, it's hardness begins from edge of nose bone and two side of my nose, even the bridge is very hard. It sounds like rounded cap implant.By the way my dr is nervous so i cant ask my questions.

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What Are the Varieties of Nasal Implants?

There are quite a few types, shapes and shapes of nasal implants as well as the possibilty of carving a custom one from silicone blocks so there's no way to know what's inside other than askin your Rhinoplasty surgeon.

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Nasal Implant Types

They are many differernt styles of nasal implants and differing materials of which they are composed. Fundamentally, nasal implants have two basic shapes being either a dorsal implant or a combined dorsocolumellar implant. (L- design) It would be impossible to know which one you have one by feel alone in many cases. I would suggest you ask your doctor or ask to have a copy of your operative note which is part of your medical record. That should list the type, manufacturer and serial number of the implant used in your surgery. 

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There are two types of implants autolagous andalloplastic. An example of each would be cartilage from your body and silicone from a commercial source

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