How Does the Upper Lip and Face Get Effected the Same Way with Numb and Tingly Feeling As from Lower Wisdom Extraction?

It sounds like I may be experiencing the same numb like feeling with tingling associated paresthesia from lower wisdom extraction. But it is in upper face and lip as well. It has been 6 months so far. Corners of my mouth/ lips seemed to have shrunk in a bit. When I smile they don't extend out all the way. It's very tight when I talk or smile. The middle of my lips don't extend/ stretch out. They feel fat like thier still numb but I can feel them. Is it from a shot to upper part of jaw bone? Karen

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Upper Lip and Face Numb and Tingly

I have never seen an upper lip remaining numb 6 months after an injection. It might not be related at all, and you should seek medical advice.

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