What is The Best treatment For Melasma Skin Type IV?

what is the  best tretment for melasma  skin type  4

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Treatment for Melasma with Melarase in Los Angeles

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I treat my melasma patients in my Los Angeles plastic surgery office with Melarase topical creams and MelaPeels once monthly. 

Treating Melasma and Facial pigment for darker skin

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Darker skin individuals are more susceptible to melasma and facial pigmentation. Treatment options may be more limited as ethnic skin typically is more sensitive and less tolerant of potent hydroquinone or topical retinoid. IPL/photofacial which is better suited for fair skin types is to be avoided for Asian and Hispanic skin in my clinical opinion. for dermatologist to treat. We need to start with strict daily sun protection, minimize any exogenous estrogen, adhere to gentle cleansing routine, and start a skin care routine and/or laser treatment that are appropriate for darker skin type under supervision of a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist who is familiar with ethnic skin. Nd:Yag lasers such as Spectra laser or GenesisPlus are quite helpful though by no means guarantee complete resolution as melasma is potentially a chronic skin condition for the susceptible individuals.

A new treatment for Melasma is available for all skin types using Vitamin C and a Full-Face Iontophoresis Mask.

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A new effective, published treatment is available for Melasma with a full-face iontophoresis mask using vitamin C and M2 (Mandelic/Malic acid) skin care.  This may be used alone or in combination with a new low-energy Q-switched ND;YAG laser treatment. This treatment is safe and effective for all skin types.  The article on this treatment was published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology in January 2013.  The web reference link is included below.

Mark Taylor, MD
Salt Lake City Dermatologic Surgeon
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Melasma treatment options

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While it's difficult to say without a photo or exam, there are different options for treating melasma, especially with skin type IV. I would most likely recommend either a compounded hydroquinone (usually 8 or 12%) and/or Cosmelan. I have had good results with both, and often recommend a combination of these therapies.

Melasma and Treatment Options

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Thanks for your question.  It is difficult to answer this question without actually seeing you in consultation for an evaluation or without having a photograph of the areas. That being said, there are several treatments which help to improve melasma and which are safe and effective on skin type IV. These include topical treatments such as bleaching cream (hydroquinone) and topical tretinoin (RetinA), chemical peeling and laser treatments.  I recommend you consult a board-certified dermatologist for evaluation and discussion of treatment options that will give you optimal results. 

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