What Are the Best Treatment(s) to Improve the Look of Scarring and PIH on Legs?

I have moderate scarring on both legs along with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) in the surrounding areas. The scars are the result of a severe case of body acne that occurred over ten years ago. Most of the scars are brown, flat and shiny but one is indented due to a later injury. Keeping in mind that I have dark skin and suffer from PIH what kind of treatment should I be looking at?

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For post inflammatory hyperpigmentation in dark skin I would suggest conservative treatment first

That would mean some topicals like retin A, hydroquinone, and hydrocortisone. You can always use more potent ingredients and strenghts to get more of an effect. I would also consider chemical peels that are superficial to help with reducing the PIH and improve the scars to a milder degree. Below is a video for you to watch and a link to see more informative videos:

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