What the Best Treatments for my Eyes ?

"I Have Sunken , Small and Narrow Eyes Also my Eyelid Bone is Slung Down over my Eyes ? What Can I Do? .. I Can't Accept my Eyes .. I am 18 and i feel i am in 60

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Deep set eyes

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At this point, I would recommend conservative treatment with fillers since this can give you an idea of what it would look like filled in and corrected and it is reversible. The effects can last up to a year and can be done with conservative amounts of filler. Good luck in your area.

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Hollow upper eyelids giving aged appearance

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The main problem that I see is hollowness of the upper eyelids/brows, which does give more aged appearance. You can benefit from fat or filler injection to achieve more youthful appearance.

Be Conservative at Your Age to Change Your Eyes

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From you pictures, it appears you have hollowness in the space between your eyes and your eyebrows.  Fillers in this area, Restylane or Bolotero, can greatly improve the appreance of your eyes.  It also gives you the advantage to see if it creates the "look" that you are seeking without doing something permanent.  I would caution someone at 18 to undergo surgery on their eyes at this time.  

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