What is the Best Treatment(s) for Brown Spots, Deep and Fine Lines?

I was recommended to have Thermage, Fraxel and Arthefill for tightening of my skin, brown/age spots, and deep wrinkles from the nose to the mouth and fine lines around the eyes. Do I need all three? If I do, which one should I do first, next and the last? I am a 60 years old Asian female, but they said my skin was very good for that age.

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Thermage with laser and filler

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Thermage, Fraxel and filler all treat different concerns and complement each other.  Thermage will tighten and lift skin, Fraxel will help brown age spots and filler will plump up lines and wrinkles.  You can have your Thermage treatment first and Fraxel right afterwards on the same day or you can wait for Fraxel.  After Fraxel, wait 2 weeks and then you can have the fillers.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon for your treatments.

Toronto Dermatologist

Best Treatment for Brown Spots and Lines

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Fraxel or a chemical peel would work best for fine lines and brown spots. Either can be effective and the result depends on the experience of the person doing the treatment.

Fillers would help most with the deeper lines. Again, it is the experience and ability of the person doing the injecting that determines the outcome.

Thermage however is different. Some people get good skin tightening and others even with an experienced operator get little or no skin tightening.

The order of treatment really depends on when you can fit them into your schedule. Think about how much down time you can afford. If you can only have one or two days of "down time," you may have to schedule several mini sessions. If you can afford a weeks down time, then the stronger more aggressive treatments might be best for you so you can get results quicker.

T. Wayne Day, MD
Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon

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