What is the best treatment plan?

I have malocclusion class 2 div 2 .. also my centrals are retroclined a little bit .. my lateral incisors are rotated.... I consulted an ortho and he suggested ro extract the premolares .... I don't prefer yo fo so ... what other plans we can follow?

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Best Treatment Plan for Class II Div II?

Please don't extract teeth. Your problem is NOT too many teeth, your problem is an upper jaw that is too narrow. The best way to fix your problem is to expand your upper jaw then bring your lower jaw forward and finally straighten your teeth.

Extracting teeth is the easy way to fix your problem but definitely NOT the best way. If you extract teeth you will have more space than you need and end up with either over retracted teeth and/or extra space between teeth. You will also still have an underdeveloped upper jaw and a lower jaw that is retruded. These are problems that cause a myriad of potential cosmetic AND health issues.

Good luck!

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