What is the Best Treatment to Help Tighten and Smooth the Skin After Vaser?

I had Vasor performed on my tummy about 5 months ago. Overall I am very happy but I'm left with some loose skin. I also have wrinkling around my underwear line that I would like smoothed out.

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Vaser Liposuction

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The Vasershape is clearly the best.  But, Smoothshape and Velashape also have worked well for us.  Velashape is better for tight areas.

Skin quality after Vaser

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Thank you for your question and I am sorry to hear about your problem.

  • Skin, following Vaser liposuction normally contracts quite well. However, if skin elasticity was poor prior to the procedure then some skin excess will still be present after the procedure. This particularly the case if a large amount of fat was removed, in older patients, stretch marks following pregnancy or rapid weight gain.
  • Removing the excess skin with help of a mini-tummy tuck is probably the quickest solution for the problem. Radio frequency therapy, laser or chemical skin resurfacing, Micro needling and topical application of Retinol can help to improve skin elasticity but takes time. More exotic treatments like weaving Gold surgical threads into skin is designed to increase skin thickness and elasticity, but it is not available in USA.


Loose tummy skin after Vaser?

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The "extra" fat beneath your tummy skin has been removed via Vaser liposuction, but the remaining skin is now loose. Many patients wonder why their skin does not tighten after liposuction, but this is a function of skin elasticity, and needs careful assessment BEFORE the appropriate operation is chosen (liposuction vs. some form of tummy tuck).

Of course, pretty much everyone WANTS liposuction to do the job (less cost, less scarring, no drain, etc.) but when your surgeon EMPTIES OUT the skin by removing the "surplus" fat, the skin usually doesn't get tighter, it is further deflated and can sag, wrinkle, and be loose. This is exactly what you describe happening to you. For the right patient Vaser is fabulous. For a patient with less-than-ideal skin tone, Vaser or any form of liposuction may not be the best option.

Unfortunately, perhaps you were "sold" on the idea that Vaser "tightens" the skin by the ultrasonic energy stimulating collagen synthesis in the lower dermis. Also unfortunately, in many cases enough energy being applied to the underside of the skin leaves scar bands, ridges, and visible or palpable irregularities rather than producing a uniform improvement in skin tone. I am of the opinion that Vaser, SmartLipo (laser lipo), etc. do not really tighten skin, they simply remove fat and allow whatever native skin elasticity that remains to "tighten up" things. When elasticity is poor, you end up with the results you show--not bad, but loose, wrinkled, somewhat deflated skin.

I'm not saying you needed (or need now) a tummy tuck. But that means you must be happy with your present result.  However, if tighter and taut abdominal skin (after the extra fat was removed) is what your final goal was, now you DO need the skin tightening operation that perhaps should have been recommended instead of Vaser. Perhaps you preferred or even requested Vaser because of what you have read or heard. The discussion with your surgeon should have (maybe it did) included the pros and cons of liposuction which removes ONLY fat and leaves ALL the skin, vs. tummy tuck which removes ALL the extra skin and fat, tightens the muscle layer, and re-tightens the entire abdominal skin layer, but leaves a long scar.

At this point, you may be tempted to consider one of many available "skin tightening" machines or procedures offered in some doctors' offices or med spas. None work well enough to recommend them highly--please check each of the considered options on this site and look at the "Worth it" ratings to see what those who have undergone the procedure of choice think about it. I don't recommend any of them. If your loose skin and wrinkles really bother you enough, you should have a tummy tuck, not one of these highly questionable options. (And remember when you check the technique's "Worth it" ratings, there is always someone in the crowd who thinks the Emperor's clothes are quite fine indeed!)

This is a case of the best result possible with Vaser being inadequate because of skin tone. For an even worse example in a patient that came to me, click on the link below. Talk to your surgeon and understand that tightening skin requires some form of tummy tuck. Good luck and best wishes!

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