What is the Best Treatment for Scarring and Motor Nerve Dysfunction Following a Blepharoplasty/SOOF Suspension Procedure?

I had an upper and lower blepharoplasty with an SOOF suspension over a year ago. Since then, I feel the nerves on my eyelids twisting, turning and tingling with a burning sensation. I feel the muscles on my eyelids pulling constantly. I have been left with dry eyes and am currently being treated. I am told that these symptoms are caused by dry eyes that were made worse by scarring and motor nerve dysfunction. I am living with a lot of pain. What is the best treatment for this condition?

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Pain post bleph

There may be several things going on here.You could have lower lid malposition or dry from decreased tear production.Perhaps soem discomfort from nerve ie sensory damage.i think you need to get furthere evaluation.

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There is no best treatment.

You need a very careful assessment of what is currently going on. A very careful history and detailed physical assessment in needed. Also an assessment of how your ordeal has affected you psychologically is generally beneficial to determine if you need the support of a psychotherapist. I advise you to get as many consultations are necessary to find the right surgeon before moving forward. These services are very specialized. Take your time and please be careful.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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