What is the Best Treatment for an Infection Following Removal of a MedPor Chin Implant Placed and Removed Intraorally?

I had a medpor chin implant placed intraorally 5.5 weeks ago. At 4 weeks post op, I noticed swollen pus sacs along the incision site. The implant was removed intraorally and my PS placed me on Clindamycin 300mg 3 x per day. 5 weeks post op (or one week after removal) the incision looked better but I still felt a soreness in my chin, so my PS told me to continue on Clindamycin for another 7 days. Today (5.5 weeks post op) there is another pussac. What is the best treatment for this infection?

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Recurrent Infection after Chin Implant

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  Any recurrent infection after multiple antibiotic failures needs to be evaluated by your plastic surgeon for repeat irrigation and drainage and repeat cultures.

Treatment for infected MedPor chin implant

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The normal treatment for an infected chin implant would be to remove it and irrigate (clean out) the infected area and then place the patient on antibiotics.  If you are still noticing some pus draining from your wound, then it's possible that the wound needs to be drained or cleaned out more.  I would encourage you to return to your surgeon to be evaluated.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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