What is the best course of treatment for heavy lines undereyes and petosis of the upper lids? (photo)

I'm 30 and have heavy eyelids and it makes me look upset. When I smile, I try to keep my brows elevated at the highest point in the crease so you can see the lid. Now I've noticed I also seem to carry a lot of skin underneath my eyes and when I smile normally the hooding of my eyes and the skin under my eyes seem to drown out my eyes. Here is a photo taken smiling, elevating my brows, smiling without elevation, and my eyes rested. What will help me to achieve my eyes to look open without all that skin?

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Heavy lines on lower eyelids and upper eyelid ptosis

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Dear Cpm125, 

You already have a very beautiful pair of eyes, but if you are looking for wider lid folds and getting rid of excess skin, the best choice will be upper and lower blepharoplasty.

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