What is the Next Best Treatment to Try for Corneal Erosion?

Recurrent corneal erosion in both eyes, worse in R eye. Painful. Already used the gels, mura 128 and a contact 4 2wks. 2 days after contact removed, it was as bad as before, Coincidentally, this started almost immediately after ending HRT ( I am 53). I restarted lo-dose estradiol 4 days ago, L eye seems better... contact in R eye again. Heard that lack of estrogen can cause dry eyes leading to RCE. Dr. wants to scrape bad tissue and buff. What r the risks? Should I wait n see if HRT helps

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Corneal scraping for recurrent erosion is reasonable option

These can be difficult to heal -- and stay healed.  Scraping the redundant and "non-sticking" epithelium, then placing a bandage contact lens (to protect the healing tissue from the scraping eyelid) would be an appropriate next step.  Needle stromal puncture, as mentioned Dr. Chynn's comment, is not "archaic"  -- it works, and costs practically nothing (compared to whatever doctors charge for LASEK).

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i have treated about 100 patients for Recurrent Corneal Erosion with LASEK, it works way better than medical therapy or the archaic mechanical stromal micropuncture, which was the standard treatment 20 years ago when i did my residency, which involves my putting little holes in your cornea with a bent needle, which solves the problem but results in starbursts at night

LASEK for RES not only solves the problem but simultaneously gets rid of your eyeglass Rx, and your medical insurance will pay for most of it, since it is a medical, not cosmetic problem

so go to someone who can do that for you, and quit messing around!:)

Dr Emil Chynn
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Emil William Chynn, MD, FACS, MBA
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