What is the Best Treatment for Aged Skin Dermabrasion or Laser?

I am researching a number of resurfacing treatments and wanted to know which is the best of Dermabrasion and Laser for an aged skin type.

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Dermabrasion versus Laser for facial resurfacing?

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Dermabrasion is a time honored procedure for resurfacing.  It involves sanding of the skin under local anesthesia with a diamond sanding wheel or a brush.  Afterwards patients usually wear bandages for up to one week.  The results are excellent when performed by a specialist skilled in the procedure.  Laser resurfacing generally is done by either a fractional or an ablative laser (various types), and the ablative is much more invasive and often associated with prolonged healing and possible scarring.  Fractional lasers heal in 4-6 days, usually without the need for bandages and with less potential for problems.  As with many treatments, the more dramatic the results, the greater the risks.  All of these procedures take several months before the full results are realized.

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