Will the Tissue and Muscles Relax After a Short Incision Vertical Facelift and Full Face Fat Transfer and How Long Will It Take?

12 years ago I had a facelift but the doctor liposuctioned my face which left one side of my face smaller. I've wanted to replace the fat that was taken out and found a highly skilled and recommended surgeon that specializes in facial plastic surgery along with multi-plane fat transfer. He also recommended a facellift based on my photos which I didn't want but thought I needed for the fat transfer. After 10 days, my left cheek and side of face is so large compared to my right side.

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You will see the result of facelift with fat transfer in four months.

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I would not worry too much.  Some of the transferred fat atrophies over several months, and then that side of your face becomes less full.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Facelift and Fat Grafting Swelling at 10 Days Postop

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   At 10 days following facelift and fat grafting, there should be a great deal of swelling.  If a patient has asymmetry that is significant, the patient should be evaluated for fluid collection or hematoma.

Facial Swelling after Fat Graft and Facelift

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The sie difference may represent swelling and volume from fat transfer.  Time will allow swelling to resolve and the size of your face may be symmetric.  Give it time.


Dr. ES

Recovery and Swelling from Facelift and Fat Transfer

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It will take an average of three weeks after a fat transfer to the face for all of the swelling to dissipate.  You are still very early in your healing and likely have swelling from some of the other fluids that are also ‘transferred’ during a fat transfer.  When fat is transferred to the face it is not just fat cells but also other components normally found around the fat cells such as blood products and fluids which also end up becoming transferred.  You need to allow time for these other components to leave the face while the viable fat cells remain.

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