Can the tip of the nose rotate upwards during healing from rhinoplasty?

I'm almost 4 months out from my rhinoplasty. My surgeon placed a columellar strut and transected the depressor septi to prevent tip drop on animation. He also said he rotated my tip upwards, but at this point if anything my nose looks less rotated than before surgery. Is there any chance that the tip will rise as swelling goes down and scar contracture begins?

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It largely depends on the techniques used during your surgery. Some techniques rely upon scarring to cause movement of the tip after surgery. This causes contraction.  If that scar tissue contracts above the tip, it may lead to increased rotation.  This process likely continues for months to years.  As always, discuss your concerns with your surgeon as he/she knows the techniques they used.

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Tip rotation and aesthetic rhinoplasty manuevers

The aesthetic rhinoplasty manuevers that you mentioned on your post can improve tip rotation. however, for a significant down turned or ptotic tip addressing the size, strength, and position of the lower lateral cartilage will allow for improved rotation. I would speak to your plastic surgeon about the results. 

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