Will the Tip of my Nose Go Up As Time Passes? (photo)

On june 6th, I had my revision rhinoplasty in order to lift my droopy tip and straighten the bridge of my nose. While my bridge looks straight, the tip of my nose still looks droopy, as if little to nothing had been changed! It has been about 5 weeks since my surgery, can I expect my tip to raise at all during my recovery time? I know my nose is still swollen, but how much change can I expect to see?

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Droopy tip after revision Rhinoplasty

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The post-operative swelling after revision Rhinoplasty can take for up to a year so subside. It is impossible to tell what your nose will look like in of few months. The photos you submitted at this early stage of healing, simply show that the bridge might be a bit more swollen than the tip area, which gives you the appearance of droopy tip. As for the smiling pose, it is difficult to tell how much that will improve as the swelling subsides.

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