Can I make the tip of my nose more narrow with non evasive surgery? (Photo)

I like the shape and thinness of my nose except at the tip where it is rounded. I want something more pointy or at least not as bulbous in appearance.

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Tip of the nose narrowing with injection

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Thanks for the photos and question.
I would recommend getting a tip rhinoplasty.
It is probably not a good idea to have injection of the area. Very risky and you want your injection to be done by a rhinoplasty surgeon who is familiar with the area.
Best wishes

Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty for More Narrow Tip

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Dear Avefarrell~

Thank you for sharing your photos.

In a non-surgical rhinoplasty, fillers are injected into the nose to add volume, so it is not really possible to make the tip more narrow.

To make your tip more narrow, you would need to have a surgical procedure that specifically addresses the tip cartilages. If you want to change only the tip and not the rest of the nose, then a relatively limited surgery could be performed. You would still have several months of swelling before you would really see the refinement in the tip.

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Amy Hsu

Amy K. Hsu, MD
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Tip plasty

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A tip plasty would be what you need. There is no non-invasive procedure that will narrow the tip of your nose. The surgery can be done quickly with a minimal down time, but it takes a while for all of the fine swelling to go away in your nasal tip.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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