To Get the Most out of the Dollar (And for Optimal Results), What is the Optimal Waiting Time Between Thermage and Ultherapy?

I'm looking for overall skin tightening and lifting -- eye lids lifting, tear troughs and nasolabial folds improvement, firmer jawlines, etc. Am really concerned over numerous expression lines under my eyes (see them when I smile) and the tear troughs. I had a full face Thermage 4 months ago, and am interested in Ultherapy. What is the optimal time between the two treatments? Also, are they the right treatments for my problems? If not, what are? Thanks a ton!

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Thermage and more treatments

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I would definitely wait six month after Thermage before having another procedure such as Ultherapy.  If there are so many areas that need to be addressed I would definitely consider augmenting Thermage with Sculptra and Juvederm.  An in office consultation is the best way to determine what treatments would be best for you. Best, Dr. Green

What is the optimal waiting time between Thermage and Ultherapy?

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I would wait at least 6 months between treatments for optimal results. Ultherapy is FDA approved to help lift, tone, and tighten loose skin on the neck, chin and brow. The results are visible approximately 6-9 months after the treatment session. It will help give your eyebrows a lift and help refine your chin and jawline. However, you may need to add a hyaluronic acid filler such as Restylane to help the tear troughs and nasolabial folds.

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