What Are the Tests That Are Usually Needed Before Having a Buffalo Hump Removal?

Good day, Doctors... I am planning to remove my familial buffalo hump... my question is ; what are the tests that are usually needed before doing such procedure ? I mean, if I will be in need for an x-ray, MRI or other such tests,then, I would prefer to have them done in my city just before traveling to have the surgery. If such investigations are needed, please tell me what position or what exact type of the test is needed so I can be well prepared. thanks in advance for your help.

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Testing before Buffalo Hump Removal

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Thank you for your question about lab testing before Buffalo Hump removal.

  • Call your surgeon's office to ask what s/he requires,
  • For my patients, I like a CBC to be sure there is no anemia,
  • An ultrasound or CAT scan if the hump is large or under the muscle, 
  • If you have hormone problems, TSH, Glucose, Cortisol and for women, an estrogen - humps can be from hormone malfunction
  • Anyone over 50 - an EKG; for a history of bleeding, a bleeding panel.
  • Other tests depend on each person's medical history. Best wishes!

Pre-operative tests

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You will find that different surgeons require different tests prior to surgery, so I recommend discussing this with the surgeon who will be doing your surgery.  It will likely depend on your general health and if you have any other medical problems.  I usually get CBC,SMA-7,PT/PTT,EKG but like the surgery, the pre-operative workup should be individualized to you personally.

Lab tests for lipo varies from doc to doc.

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CBC, PT, PTT, UA, Hepatitis panel and HIV ab. are the most common tests required when doing an average liposuction and run about $250-300. Smaller localized areas such as the neck or buffalo hump may not need any labs at all especially if done under local anesthesia which I always recommend to get the best results. Other tests will depend on your age and health status and what your doc wishes. Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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No labs Required for Buffalo Hump Reduction

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In the correct surgical hands, the Buffalo Hump is very easily removed with liposuction techniques. I have performed this procedure many times and it's always very rewarding and successful. It's performed in the office, only one 2 mm incision required, under local anesthesia, no labs required if performed under local, typically no medical clearance needed, and practically no downtime.  

Justin Yovino, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Buffalo Hump and Testing Prior to Liposuction

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      A history and an exam would be necessary, but imaging and labs may not be necessary in a straightforward case in a young, healthy individual.  The course of action will depend upon what is discovered during consultation.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Liposuction Los Angeles, CA

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