Will the Temporary Fillers Give the Same Results in Appearance As the Cheek Implants?

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Nonsurgical Cheek Augmentation Is An Excellent Approach For Facial Rejuvenation

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Nonsurgical cheek augmentation with volumizing fillers, either alone or in combination with a Nonsurgical 3D Vectoring Crow's Feet Lift, is a rapid and excellent way to improve the upper mid face region without the need for invasive surgery and significant downtime. In most cases, the procedure may be completed in no more than twenty minutes with immediate return to work or social activities. Nonsurgical augmentation with volumizing fillers has the additional benefit of being able to modified in accordance with age-related changes in the area.

If necessary, the restoration of volume, using a volumizing filler, such as Juvederm Ultra Plus XC judiciously injected in a 3D Vectoring pattern on the sides of the eyes, the Nonsurgical 3D Vectoring Crow's Feet Lift, helps to pull upward and straighten the area immediately above the cheekbone area to it lessening the overall appearance of the crow's feet and to further enhance cheekbone prominence.

A good way to determine whether someone might benefit from nonsurgically revolumizing the cheeks and the mid-face region is to ask them to smile. If the smile lifts the fallen tissue back into place and rounds the contours of the cheeks making them appear more youthful, it is a good indication that nonsurgically volumizing the above regions with injectable volumizing agents, would yield immediate, durable, and gratifying results.

For nonsurgically augmenting cheeks, I prefer to use Radiesse or Radiesse combined with Perlane L. I rely on these agents for these purposes in my Upper East Side New York City practice. In Israel, where I have a satellite office and where a far greater number of more robust volumizing fillers are available, I prefer to use Juvederm Voluma or Stylage XXL, either alone or in combination with Radiesse or Restylane SubQ..

Fillers will Not Give the Same Results as Cheek Implants

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Fillers and injections of your fat will provide the same appearance as cheek implants but will not give you a permanent correction like silicone implants. Consider all alternatives before making a decision.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 40 reviews

Will the Temporary Fillers Give the Same Results in Appearance As the Cheek Implants?

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 I have performed many Cheek Augmentations with Fillers (I prefer Perlane) and Cheek Implants for many years.  No, while fillers have the benefits of point to point corrections/modifications to the cheeks, the molecules are not large enough to create the exacting curvature and shape that an aesthetically correct silastic Cheek Impant will.  It is not uncommon for my Cheek Implant patients to start out with fillers and then, if appropriate, migrate to Cheek Implant Surgery.

 Shaping aesthetically attractive cheeks using fillers or Cheek Implants requires  a thorough understanding of the proper aesthetics of facial (and cheek) beauty for the creation of a naturally more attractive face.  In addition, my rule of thumb of fillers versus cheek implants is that the existing cheek shape can not be more than 60 % of the aesthetic ideal to be a suitable candidate for a Cheek Implant.  I can shave and modify portions of one or both cheeks, however it seems silly to have to modify 80% of a cheek in order for it to properly accommodate using a Cheek Implant.  In those instances, a temporary filler makes the most sense.

Fillers vs Cheek Implants

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Both fillers and implants have a place in facial rejuvenation. However, there is another option frequently. That is a facelift. As we age we tend to lose fat and have it descend with the other tissues. Fillers can disguise this and delay when a facelift is needed. Of course, when you have a facelift, the technique needs to be such that the fat you have is preserved and moved back to where it originated. Unfortunately, many techniques remove your fat or further thin it, necessitation fat grafts, fillers or implants to achieve total rejuvenation. Cheek implants are useful if you have had a facelift that left you with hollow cheeks or you do not desire more extensive facial rejuvenation. Another alternative is fat grafting to the area which can fill areas that the implants cannot.


Robert T. Buchanan, MD
Highlands Plastic Surgeon

Comparing temporary fillers with cheek implants

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I believe that longer lasting fillers such as Radiesse have several advantages over cheek implants. One obvious advantage is that surgery is not required. Another is that you can get either a rapid or a gradual correction depending upon how much you have injected. Also you can decide as you go exactly how much correction looks good. Another big advantage is that cheek implants may no longer look good in an aging face as it changes over the years. Touch up treatments for fillers can be modified over the years to better fit the aging face.

Fillers versus cheek implants

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 It is very difficult to compare fillers versus cheek implants.  Fillers placed in the cheeks are quite variable, while cheek implants give a very predictable  and permanent result.

Inplants win vs fillers

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Inplants are in general better than fillers for either cheek augmentation or to treat a condition known as mid-face fat atrophy. Fillers are a good second choice and can give a patient an idea of what permanent augmentation may look like and if they like the look. I use fillers in this area for that reason and in patients who prefer a nonsurgical alternative. 

M. Sean Freeman, MD
Charlotte Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.7 out of 5 stars 52 reviews

Cheek implants versus filler results

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Fillers or implants can be used to treat different parts of the cheeks to add volume to those areas.  While you could potentially get the same result with fillers or implants, there could be some differences in terms of appearance.  I believe implants can give a more angular and more prominent look to the cheek bones than fillers.  If you're only looking for some subtle change, then either fillers or implants should be fine, but if you're looking for something more dramatic, then implants would probably work better.  If you're looking to add volume to the lower part of the cheek, then you also could probably get the same effect with either fillers or implants.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.5 out of 5 stars 18 reviews

Injectable fillers in cheeks vs implants

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Cheek implants can be place in mid cheek area to give fuller cheeks or higher on the cheekbone to give a angular chiseled look. Injectable fillers can do either or both. If you are unsure, I would suggest fillers first to see how you want your cheeks augmented. Then go for a cheek implant. I will often to a cheek implant and top it off with an injectable filler to get a more precise result.

David A. F. Ellis, MD
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

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