What is the Best Temporal or Permanent Filler to Level a Burr Hole and and Irregular Dents in the Temporal Region? (photo)

I have a burr hole that was filled with Hyaluronic Acid Suceev Three. It was completely gone for a couple of weeks but it gradually reappeared . I've been told Microlane with is more dense will work better but I've also been told I should have Radiesse injected into the hole. Migration won't be an issue as the walls of the hole will keep the filler in place. Nobules aren't a problem either as they will be inside the hole. What filler is more suitable for this particular place?

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Radiesse or Arefill for Burr Hole

Hi Tristan. We would make two possible suggestions.  Although most fillers would not be permanent, Radiesse and Artefill are longer lasting.  Try Radiesse first and then if you like the effects but want even longer results, try Artefill.

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