How Will the Teeth Align After Pulling All the Teeth Forth to Close a Lost Tooth (Front 1st Incisor)?

My tooth was dead and black from a fracture I received a long time ago ('97). My dentist removed it before we could put braces that will pull all the teeth forward. He told me that a tooth 1mm every 6 weeks. I'm afraid the teeth are not going to be the same size and aligned to the centre after the gap has closed. What procedure is involved to ensure that the teeth look 'the same' or remodelled to look the same?

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Moving the teeth forward will not look good.

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Moving the teeth forward is not a good idea. What do they plan to do with the space that will open up more posteriorly? You cannot move all the teeth forward, it will take for ever. Furthermore, now you will have a smaller tooth in place of the old larger tooth.

If the plan is to move just the one tooth over and then open up a space on the lateral tooth, then it may not be bad. You will have to replace the lateral tooth with an implant and a crown done on the moved tooth to make it look like a front tooth. This would look good because the gum and bone would come with the tooth to fill in the defect that the extraction left.

If that is not the plan, You are better off replacing the tooth with an implant or bridge.

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Dr. T

Miami Beach Dentist

Teeth Will NOT Align by Pulling All Teeth Forward

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I do not agree with the plan to pull all the other teeth forward to close the gap caused by the extraction of your central incisor. A better idea would be to leave the space there and place an implant supported tooth there which can be made to match your other Central Incisor. If you pull all the others forward, you will never have the proper symmetry and balance.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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