What is the Best Technique to Operate on Turbinates?

I have a deviated septum and enlarged turbinates (due to the deviation), I also have no tonsils and sometimes I feel very cold almost no filtration when I breath. I will need to get my septum straightened, but my question is about the turbinates. I know there are different techniques:radiofrequency, electrocautery, turbinoplasty (with or wihtout microdebrider). I would like to know what is the best technique to avoid empty nose syndrome, as I already feel my nose with no filtration sometimes.

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Best technique for enlarged turbinates is a conservative one

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The best technique for turbinates is the most conservative technique, which involves out-fracturing of the actual nasal bones through a submucosal technique and a small trimming of excess tissue on the inferior border.  It is very important not to over resect the turbinates since it can leave the airway too open.  We do not recommend using freezing material or electricity to the turbinates since both of these procedures interrupt the normal physiology of the turbinates and cause stasis of mucus.  This amounts to a dry nose and lots of crusting that is not physiologic.

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Best turbinate treatment

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The best minimall tubinate operation that i use is  careful electrocauterization. All techniques be it ultrasound , radiofrequency or what have you debulk the boggy mucosa. Outfracture and minimal removal by surgery are used by my many of my colleagues

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