What is the Best Technique for Nose Surgery from Traumatic Sports Injuries?

What is the best type of nose surgery for someone who has played hard and has had a few crash and burns from snowboarding and other sports? Are there particular types of repairs that will hold up better than others? What if I crash after a nose job? How bad will another repair be?

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Technique for traumatic nasal injury from sports

It doesn't matter so much how your nose was injured. For a deviated nose like yours the approach I follow is what is called an open structural approach that focuses on maintaining or improving the nasal support after surgery to create durable results.

You would still be able to rebreak your nose after surgery so care must still be taken to avoid reinury to help avoid new problems down the road. Revision surgery is often more complicated than the first time around.

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What is the Best Technique for Nose Surgery from Traumatic Sports Injuries?

  I have performed Rhinoplasty for well over 20 years and the most effective method of shifting fractured nasal bones are medial and lateral osteotomies IMHO.  If the nasal tip is very asymmetric due to cartilage fractures, an Open versus Closed Rhinoplasty would be suggested.  

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Best Technique to Repair Nasal Sports Injuries

Without a careful examination of a nose after multiple injuries, it is impossible to state what is the single best technique to repair that nose.  Various excellent surgeons may treat your nose in different ways.  If you break your nose again after rhinoplasty surgery, that 2nd operation may be more difficult because it would be a revision of the previous procedure. For example, I have declined to operate on the nose of a professional boxer unless he planned to give up boxing. A careful examination and a discussion of the pros and cons of surgical repair are necessary for you to make an educated decision.

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Ther really is no special procedure. A deformed nose is a deformed nose no matter the cause. You need to consult a surgeon who will check out your airway as well as the appearance. Once you nose is healed you should not be at any greater risk than a non-surgical patient

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