How Do I Know if the Tattoo Removal is Working?

I have a black outline koi fish tattoo on my whole forearm I got 1 session and i barely saw a difference..then i got an r20 sessions with 3 passes i kind of see a difference but this time some of the tattoo lines kind are dark and raised for 4 days now and little blisters formed ....HELP IS THIS GOID OR BAD ....the laser used was anstanza trinity laser

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Is Tattoo Removal Working

Hi Jonq.  If you have a very dark tattoo, it will often look like nothing has happened after the first treatment.  The process is a slow one and it can take up to 10-15 treatments in some cases to get rid of the tattoo.  The best way to gauge your progress is before and after pictures.  We hope your practitioner took them.  

As for the r20 technique, we are not big fans.  While it may results in less overall visits, it's not less treatments as each time you are under the laser can be considered a treatment.  In addition, the technique uses multiple passes on the same day, which leads to more traumatic treatments, increasing the chance of scarring, especially with medium or dark skin types.  While blistering is always a possibility, we try to avoid it as much as possible because it indicates a higher level of trauma, which can increase the chances of scarring.

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