What is the best tattoo for removing the black/red/pink tattoo I have on my forearm? (photo)

I originally thought the best route to go would be the AlexELETE laser by Candela because I read that it does not cause scabbing between treatments. However, recently I read that this laser does not do well removing reds and requires more sessions than more effective lasers. I would love to get some advice on which laser would be most effective at fully removing my tattoo and what some of the pros and cons of the various lasers are.

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Q-Switched Nd:Yg laser for Black & Red Tattoo

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Hi SM.  You would probably be best off with a traditional q-switched Nd:Yg laser for tattoo removal.  The Hoya Conbio C6 or Revlite is a good one to start, but there are others as well.  

More important than the technology is the person using it.  Scabbing is not caused by the laser, it's caused by how the nurse or MD is using it.  Generally speaking you want to provide great treatments and avoid too much trauma to the skin (scabbing) simultaneously.  This can be accomplished, but it helps to have lots of experience to avoid this.  In this way you will get proper removal of the tattoo with minimal chance of any scarring.  Good luck.

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