What Are the Symptoms of Pouch Dilatation in Gastric Band Operation?

i've been operated from 10 years and now i'm regainng weight and eating huge portions no matter how much filling i do. I went through examinations showing that there is no slippage and that band is ok but do not know why am i eating so much without feeling full. Could this be pouch dilatation and if so how do i make sure it is and what is the solution to this problem.

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Symptoms of Pouch Dilation

Slippage or pouch dilation can occur if the Lap-Band moves down the stomach, or if the pouch is above the band stretches up.


Patients with these problems may notice heartburn or regurgitation of food at night when they lay down. These complications are unusual and occurs in less than 3% of patients. It can cause acute symptoms of abdominal pain, or can cause failure to lose weight. The acute symptoms are pain, bloating, vomitting or difficulty in swallowing liquids or solids.

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