What are the symptoms of infection?

i just had fat transferred to my butt, i am 3 weeks out of surgery. One of my butt cheek is extremely hard and hurts a lot, the other side doesn't feel as hard and does not hurt.. i have been very sleepy,low fever, feeling down .. should i be worried?

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Infection after BBL?

If you are not feeling well and one cheek is much harder than the other, you may have an infection or something called fat necrosis. Call your surgeon and be seen. Don't worry about "bothering" him or her....situations like this are why you paid all that money.  Your surgeon will likely say that you need to be seen right away.

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What are the symptoms of infection?

Hello, only your surgeon will know whats going on i will encourage you to go see your Plastic surgeon and he can know after examining you. Good luck and best wishes

Jonathan Fisher, MD
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Firm buttock

If one butt is firm and tender, you may be developing an infection.  It is best to see your surgeon ASAP.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Please see your doctor !!!! ASAP

Maybe you are developing an infection...its not game. Your best option is to contact your plastic surgeon as soon as you can ...if you cant find him  go to emergency. Avoid really a big complication..you need attention.

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