I Was Attacked 2 Years Ago Resulting in Several Facial Fractures, Why Still Swollen? Will Muscles Regain Their Strength? (photo)

2 years ago i got attacked in a robbery.i had a broken nose,nasal,facial and eye socket fractures,swelling on my brain,resulting in bad but improving memory at present.my problem is,two years after there is still swelling on my left cheeckbone, which extends down to the tip of my ear and a bit on the left-side of my nose, but still on the upper jaw. i also notice the muscle on the left-side of my head is very inactive.Will the swelling go down? Will the muscles regain their strength?

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At two years, it is unlikely your appearance will improve much more.

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Your most pressing issue is probably your mild brain injury.  This can cause chronic depression, personality changes, and make it very difficult to hold a job.  Depending on where you live and your financial resources, I would recommend trying to figure out how serious your brain injury is and if you might benefit from brain injury rehab where therapists work with you to help maximize your abilities.  Treatment for chronic depression if present can also be very helpful.  Once your brain is working its best, then you can look into the best options for your appearance.

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