Why Are the End Sutures Still in Place Following a Breast Mastopexy and Uplift??

Hello, I have recently had a breast mastopexy and uplift (3 1/2 weeks ago) I had the stitches out 2 weeks following the surgery. I haven't even thought to ask but I have stitches remaining at each end of the crease incision (just one each end). Why is this? Should they be there or have they been missed? I am going to ask my surgeon too but he's obviously not in until Monday so just curious? Thanks,

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Sutures After Breast Lift?

Thank you for the question.

Your plastic surgeon likely left the  sutures at the end of the incision lines on purpose. He/she will likely remove them for you soon.

Best wishes.

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To avoid tying knots, some surgeons leave long suture ends outside of the skin

Some plastic surgeons leave the ends of sutures long to avoid having to tie a know under the skin.  Knots sometimes don't dissolve completely and can "spit" or become exposed.  Doesn't sound like a big deal.  Usually these edges of the sutures are just clipped in the office after a week or two.



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Stitches Still In

I often leave the ends of the suture sticking out from each end of the incision so as to avoid leaving a knot right under the skin.  I suspect this is what your surgeon has done.  Just draw it to his attention and I suspect everything will be fine.

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