What Can I Do if the Surgery Wasn't Successful (in my Opinion)?

I'd asked the question about improvement after liposuction 2 weeks ago,most Doctors told me that although my Doc did a good job but he was very conservative about the amount he took out. I'm now getting frustrated,it's been a month and although there's some changes but it is far from what I spent $7000AUD for,750ml on a 170cm,70kg really isn't much at all and I could definitely tell now that my Doc was overly conservative,what can I do about this situation?My thighs are different sizes,too!

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I agree with others, talk to your surgeon about your concerns.

It is difficult to tell from the photos, but I think I can see some reasonable improvement.  If you are concerned, talk to your doctor.  Sometimes a secondary procedure is necessary to reach an optimum result.

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Unhappy with outcome from liposuction 1 month postoperatively

You are still early in the healing process and there is still a fair amount of inflammation and swelling present - so you need to give this some time - like several months. Still, you should share your concerns with your surgeon who then can give you his/her point of view. Ultimately, if you are still unsatisfied with the result after a specified and agreed period of time, you can aim to amicably reach some sort of reasonable solution to this.

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Unhappy with liposuction results

If you are unhappy with your surgical results, I would recommend talking to your surgeon about your concerns - however frustrating it is or however many times you have to communicate it.  He or she probably has a revision policy and you can discuss how to better achieve your expectations.  It sounds like you may have already sought out second opinions, which is a good idea in certain situations, but I would recommend discussing this with your original surgeon at this point in the postoperative course.  At only 2 weeks postoperatively, there is still a lot of swelling and healing that must occur before you see the final results (and before I would consider a revision surgery).   Also, you put your trust in your surgeon  to do what he or she thought appropriate at the time of the procedure (hopefully you researched his/her qualifications), and a conservative result is not a bad result - the alternative aggressive result can often have more complications. 




I would discuss your concerns with your surgeon.  I am sure you will be able to reach a reasonable solution.   

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