Best Surgery for a Male to Get a Softer Jawline and Remove a Cleft from a Chin Whilst Making It Smaller? (photo)

I am a male hoping to get some work done some time in the future. I am very insecure about my chin as it makes my head look long. I really want to have some work done to do the following. - Remove a cleft from my chin (I am definitely planning on getting this done and then either - A softer jawline (or atleast put it at a less steep angle) - Move my chin up About how much would these procedures cost individually and what would you recommend? Photo attached

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Vertical Reduction Genioplasty with Chin Cleft Reduction

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You have a very long chin with a steep mandibular angle. That could be signfiicantly improved by a vertical reduction genioplasty removing up to 10mm of bone. Since that procedure is done intraorally the chin cleft could be treated by the placement of a small dermal-fat graft between the muscle and the skin. Computer imaging would have to be done to see if jaw angle implants would also be beneficial for an overal more complete jawline change.

Long face

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Your facial development pattern is quite common.if you have a reasonable bite,you could consider a genikplasty with a sliding bone surgery to alter the chin vertically and in profile as well as the width. Using damal implants would really change your look successfully. 

Gerald Wittenberg, MSc, DMD
Vancouver Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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