What is the Surgeon's Average Fee for Rhinoplasty Excluding Facility and Anesthesia?

What is the surgeon's fee for rhinoplasty excluding facility and anesthesia costs? My surgeon is offering a really low price for the surgeon's fee and has about 10 years of experience. I am just trying to figure out what is the reasonable price range? Thank you so much.

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Surgeon's Rhinboplasty Fee

Fees vary so much around the country, the only way you will get an answer to this question is to ask local surgeons. Call a few offices and you'll have an answer.

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Rhinoplasty fees vary primarily by geographic area.

Hi Saiqa;

You are wise in understanding that the total fee for your rhinoplasty must include the surgeon's fee, the outpatient surgery or facility fee, and the anesthesiologist's professional fee.  If your surgeon is offering a "really low price," that would seem to me that there is not necessarily any shortcutting on the quality of the surgical facility.  I mention this because some people have their surgery performed at a non-accredited, non-licensed facility, and I do not think that is wise.  You want to make sure that, for your safety, the facility in which you will have your surgery is either licensed by the State, certified by the United States Department of Health & Human Services (to serve Medicare patients), or is accredited by one of the four independent accrediting agencies, such as the Joint Commission, or the AAAASF.  I have all those details in my books, if you are interested, including the names and addresses of the organizations.

The reasonable price range depends on what other surgeons in your geographic area are charging.  Certainly, fees for cosmetic procedures tend to be less in small towns and cities than they are in major metropolitan areas - just like housing and many other expenses.  In the largest city, a doctor's overheads are higher because rents are high and staff salaries are higher.  What is important is that you feel that the surgeon is the right surgeon for you, and that the fee is reasonable.  If you are comfortable with the doctor, and the fee is not going to break your bank, go ahead and have your rhinoplasty.  It is a great operation!

Robert Kotler, MD, FACS
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Robert Kotler, MD
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Rhinoplasty cost

A surgeon can pretty much charge what they want for a cosmetic procedure.  Cost does vary quite a bit depending on sev eral factors, including the complexity of the procedure  and geographic location. Also, it may cost more if it is a revision of a previous unsatisfactory result.  I think a reasonable surgeon's fee for a primary rhinoplasty would be between $5000 and $7500.

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Fes for rhinoplasty

The fee for rhinoplasty depends upon the complexity, and varies around the country. I always caution patients that when someone offers a really low price you have to question why that is so.

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Rhinoplasty fees

It is best not to choose a rhinoplasty surgeon simply because he/she has the lowest cost.  Rhinoplasty is considered to be a very difficult procedure to perform, even by skilled surgeons.  The operating room, anesthesia, and the surgeon’s fee for performing the procedure are always the three components of surgery and the average price nationally is $6,500 -$7,500.

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