Does How the Surgeon Makes the Pocket Effect How the Implant Looks?

I received 275cc mentor moderate classic silicone unders 3 weeks ago. I absolutely Love my surgeon & my results. Everyone says that moderate profile are flat with the least projection. I feel I ended up larger than I was expecting. I am 5'5" 115 lbs. I started barely an A cup and now I am a C or D cup. I am wondering if the way the surgeon makes the pocket and puts the implants in effect the final outcome? If I chose the same implant and went to a different surgeon would my results be the same?

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Effects of pocket on implant appearance

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You say that your surgery was only three weeks ago.  You might still have swelling and your implants my not have settled yet so your breast appearance may change.  The pocket has the most effect on implant position whether together, apart, high, or low.  The pocket would not usually have an effect on the size.  The other factor is pocket under the muscle have the advantage of coverage of the implant by the muscle so there is less chance of implant visibility.

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Implant pocket dissection and implant selection

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For someone your size and shape a 275 cc implant should only increase your cup size by 1.5 x.  If you started off very small then almost any sized implant may make you feel huge at first.  Then 6 months later  you may complain that they are too small.  I want patients to understand that an implant is selected  within an objective range based you your unique anatomy.  If properly selected the surgeon will dissect the pocket to fit the dimensions of the implant so you would likely get a similar result from any skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. 

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Importance of Breast Implant Pocket Dissection During Breast Augmentation?

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Thank you for the question.  Although I cannot give you advice specific to your situation, some general thoughts may be helpful to you.

 Yes,  how a plastic surgeon “makes” a breast implant pocket has a great deal to do with the final outcome of the procedure performed.  In my opinion, this pocket dissection is one of the most important “keys to success” when it comes to breast augmentation surgery outcomes.

 Also, in my opinion, the breast implant pocket should be slightly larger than the planned breast implant;  creating this slightly larger breast implant pocket will allow for some “more natural” movement of the breast implant.  on the other hand, the breast implant pocket should not be so large that patients experience breast implant displacement/malposition and/or breast implant palpability/rippling.

 Correct pocket dissection on a patient's chest wall is very important. Otherwise patients may experience problems with breast implant displacement/malposition. Also, the breast implant pocket must be dissected in such a fashion that the nipple/areola complex series end up “centered” on the breast mounds.  Obviously, care must be taken to achieve as much symmetry as possible with the pocket dissection.

 Furthermore, in order to avoid other complications careful pocket dissection includes attempts at avoiding injury to sensory nerves and making sure no bleeding occurs around the breast implants (hemostasis).

 Thank you again for the insightful question.

Does The Surgical Pocket Change The Appearance Of A Breast Implant?

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Thank you for this challenging question.  Breast implants are inorganic and their appearance does not change.  However, the pocket in which the implant is placed can have a great effect on how the implant and breast look.  Implants that are placed too low, therefore with nipples pointing up too high, can have a very different look from pockets that are too high with nipples pointing down.  If the pocket is open too far to the side, then the implant will fall into your armpit.  If the pocket is not opened sufficiently, then the implant can be bunched and you can see a ridge of the implant sticking out. 

All that being said, if two Board Certified plastic surgeons were to operate on twins using the same standard techniques that we all use and the same implants, then the results would be pretty much the same.  The size of the implant is the size of the implant.   

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