What is the surface temperature of Coolscuplting?

I have had Cryo done in the past and it had no effect. They used 0 degrees for half an hour. I know most non Zeltiq systems use -3 to -10 depending on the clinic and the fat thickness. My skin just sprung back after the treatment, but when my wife had it she said it went like a pack of butter and was massaged flat. Hers was -5 for 45 mins and it worked. Does the fat have to go hard for it to work or will it work even if the skin springs back straight after the handle is removed?

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Surface temperature of Coolscuplting

Zeltiq will not provide the actual temperature to the physician or even their own staff as they feel that it is a proprietary secret. Post coolsculpting treatment the appearance is like a pack of butter due to the combination of suction and controlled cold.

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Cool Sculpting

There are several devices that want to take advantage of Cooling but don't treat the areas like Cool Sculpting from Zeltiq.  I don't know which device you used.  Cool Sculpting device freeze your fat without damaging the skin.  There is know question that it works.

Coolsculpting Protocol

Coolsculpting protocol is that each area needs to be "frozen" with the applicator on it for a full hour and massaged later.  When the treated area comes out of the applicator, it is "frozen" like a stick of butter.  The procedure you are describing does not sound like Coolsculpting by Zeltiq.  I suggest you consult with a board certified dermatologist with experience in Coolsculpting for the best results.

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12 degrees Celsius

It is set up to freeze fat, but not water. Similar to how butter freezes in the refrigerator, but not the lemonade. 
Coolsculpting works well although it many times can take more than one treatment per area. 
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