Will the Use of Strattice Around my Submuscular Implant Impact Comfort & Motion?

I am planning to have bilateral breast reconstruction revision from a 310cc style 363 saline implant to 410 cohesive gel implants because the fill valve on the saline implant is protruding outward and poking up through my muscle and skin. I am a thin and very physically active woman in my 50s. If strattice is utilized around my implant to give a nice appearance, would the sutures holding it in place impact the movement of my pectoral muscles over the implant as I swim, do yoga, garden etc? Help?

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Strattice will give better coverage to implants

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When your tissue coverage is thin as you describe, the use of an acellular dermal matrix graft such as Strattice can be very helpful. The stitches usually dissolve after the Strattice has adhered to the edge of the muscle. It should not affect your ability to use the muscle and is often helpful in minimizing what are called "animation deformities" which are distortions of the breast when implants are placed under the muscle.

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