Does the Stomach Stretch After Gastric Bypass? If So, Can I Have a Second One?

im 35 years old and 12 years ago i had a gastric bypass, the results were fantastic, but now after 2 children i find myself unable to loose the weight i gain and the amount of food intake is much much larger which leads me to believe that my stomach has been stretched out. i also stating to have issues with my BP is much higher now and also i get heartburn which those were gone after i had my bypass. thank you

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Stomach stretching after gastric bypass

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Yes the stomach can stretch after gastric bypass. In fact, many surgeons believe that stomach stretching is the reason that a typical gastric bypass patient will regain a small amount of their weight back after two years after surgery. Ultimately, the weight loss with any bariatric surgery occurs from a change in your diet. But, when the gastric pouch or stoma, which is the opening leading from the stomach into the intestine, has stretched, the restriction or full feeling may go away.


If the pouch is significantly stretched, there are several surgical options that may help, including 1) recreating a smaller pouch, 2) placing a gastric band around the gastric pouch, or 3) ROSE procedure or endoscopic suturing inside the stomach.


Over the years the trends have been to create a smaller and smaller stomach pouch, where nowadays surgeons typically aim for a pouch between 1/4 and 2 ounces in capacity.



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